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Jumaat, 30 Ogos 2013

Magnetic Waist Trimmer

Harga :- RM 30 (sm) & RM 35 (ss)
** Free Pos
  • The magnetic effects can relax your muscles & fight against your fatigue 
  • Under body cutting design, your ideal waistline can be completely shown off 
  • Increases tightness and elasticity; supports the waist and back; shape your body for a slimmer look. 

Kelebihan Magnetic Waist Trimmer :

1.Magnetic melancarkan peredaran darah
2.Membantu merawat dan mencegah dari kecederaan dibahagian pinggang.
3.Berkesan membantu memanaskan keseluruhan bahangian perut dan pinggang.
4.Sesuai dipakai ketika bersukan bagi membentuk, menguruskan dan memulihkan pinggang untuk nampak lebih cantik.

~ Promotes weight loss by preserving body heat and stimulating water loss during exercise
~ Velcro closure provides easy, adjustable fit for most people (comfortably fits up to size 16)
~ Washable, comfortable, light-weight, stretchy fabric stays in place while exercising
~ Supports back and improves posture
~ Includes one high-quality 7.5 x 39" neoprene waist trimmer belt

Spesifikasi :

* Waist Trimmer
* Material :- Cotton & Rubber
* Saiz :- one saiz fits all

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LipoDress Slimming Dress

Harga :- RM 45 (sm) & RM 50 (ss)** Free Pos

As Seen On TV - LipoDress Slimming Dress
^ Size: M-L
Waist: 64-77cm
Hip: 87-100cm
^ Black Color

^ Material: Nylon & spandex

^ original color box package

^ Attention: Only hand wash, do not bleach, avoid sharp object


~ lipodress is made with high quality fibers that allow the proper perspiration of the skin, turning into a lasting and resistant garment with outstanding benefits from the first time you wear it. LIPODRESS is a garment designed to enhance the curves, molding your body from the breast to the hips, hiding the located fat deposits of the abdomen, hips, waist and back. It has an intelligent anatomic system that allows constant control by giving you support and harmony on the flabby and adipose tissues.

~ Please let us know wich size you need

~ lipodress is a unique elastic dress which can be worn in several ways, since it is very soft and folds easily.

~ It can be worn:
  • As a Strapless Top: Replaces the use of the bra, allowing you to wear fashion clothing, without using the uncomfortable straps of the bra.
  • As a Girdle: Hides the located fat of the abdomen, waist and stomach.
  • As a Molding Dress: You will look 2 sizes less immediately.


Use Instructions :-
Dress :-
Wear the garment by putting your legs carefully inside and fixing them from the down part all the way up. The garment will take the shape of your body. For this option, wear it from the breast to the lower part of your buttocks. It is ideal for you to wear it with low hip jeans and tight dresses.

Straple Girdle :-

Wear the garment putting your legs carefully inside and fixing them from the down part all the way up. Take the lower part and take it to the upper part.

Top :-
Wear the garment putting your legs carefully inside and fixing them from the down part all the way up. Take the lower part and take it to the upper part. Repet this step 2 times. It is ideal for you to replace the bra, avoiding the uncomfortable strips.



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Taping Beauty Wear

Harga :- RM35 (sm) & RM40 (ss)
**free pos
^ Warna Black
^ Saiz: 
  1. M-L (Bust :79-87CM / Pinggang :64-77CM)
  2. L-LL (Bust :87-101CM / Pinggang :69-85CM) 
# Fabrik :-
  • Perak ( mencegah pertumbuhan bakteri penyebab bau badan ).
  • Germanium (meningkatkan metabolisme, membakar lemak dan melangsingkan tubuh)
  • Titanium ( membakar lemak, menghasilkan panas dan melangsingkan tubuh ) 
# Bahan: Nylon & spandex

# Warna: Hitam

# Perhatian: guna cucian tangan sahaja , tidak peluntur, elakkan objek tajam

# fabrik khas iaitu titanium, germanium, perak, tiga komposisi hebat yang boleh membakar kalori secara perlahan -lahan jika digunakan secara konsisten setiap hari

# Menurut ahli terapi urutan yang terkini membangunkan konsep Siri Badan kesihatan

# pinggang belakang bahu tulang selangka, 2 sebelah benjolan mempunyai tenun khas, pergerakan antara cara model membantu urut saliran limfa badan menghapuskan toksin, keletihan

# meningkatkan kesan molekul germanium, dan menggalakkan peredaran darah dan mencegah bengkak disebabkan oleh kekejangan bahu pengekalan

# meringankan satu dimensi potong payudara penjagaan abdomen reka bentuk ergonomik, keselesaan fabrik regang lembut cemerlang

# 100% Jepun Kualiti & Design

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Taping Thights Shaper

1 pair (2pcs) - colour :- Black only

Harga Lynn :-
RM26.00 - Semenanjung
RM 30.00 - Sabah/Sarawak 
** Free Pos 

# Friction is only absolutely necessary when tightening nut to a bolt or trying to create fire with stones and
not when left and right thighs rubbing againts one another; causing hole-y jeans and irritated skin.

# The miracle thighs shaper transforms nebulous thighs into sleek and slim pins.

# The thin material is designed to be worn under dresses, skinny jeans,
and superhero suits without being visible. 

# Strategic ribbing and stretchy fabric help the garments cling to thighs without slipping.
  • Each box contains 1 pair of Thigh Shaper (2 pcs)
  • Colour: Black only
  • Material: Nylon,Spandex (breathable fabric)
  • Size: The thigh circumference: 40-50cm
  • Hand-washable
  • Suitable for male and female
  • Suitably worn in the day, at night (not advisable while sleeping) or even exercising to speed up the calorie burnt
  • Intricately nylon and spandex material making it ultra elastic and fits snugly on the thighs
  • It hides bulges, bumps and rolls while giving the sexy, leggy and curvy hourglass figures

  • Simulates blood circulation during movement at the same time toning and firming the thigh
  • Massages for better blood circulation and releases fat at thigh area
  • Increases metabolic rate and burn twice the amount of calories compared to not wearing one


~ Wearing time for each 8 ~ 10 hours, if the physical discomfort, please take off as appropriate
~ Wash below 40c washed with water and do not use bleach, do not close to the heat and sharp objects to avoid damage 
~ Avoid use on wounds or eczema and those with the following conditions; pregnancy, heart disease, hypertension~ Pregnant women, infants may not use this product
~ Recommended for preservation in a cool well-ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.

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Taping Beauty Socks

- Materials: 33% of Cotton, Polyester 32%, Acrylic 17%, Nylon 16%, Polyurethane 2%
Harga Lynn :-
1 Pair : RM30 (sm) & RM35 (ss)

Kelebihan Stokin pelangsing kaki (betis) dari Jepun
- Untuk kaki kelihatan lebih langsing, boleh pakai Sliming sock ini lebih lama,,
- Sgt bagus dipakai ketika berada dirumah / dipejabat atau yg terpaksa berdiri lama ketika bekerja.
- Boleh menghangatkan tapak kaki yg sejuk
- Memberi lebih perlindungan pada tapak kaki supaya tidak terasa cepat letih
- Material sgt lembut dan menyerap peluh.. tidak terlalu terbal dan tidak terlalu nipis
- Sgt bagus untuk pengaliran darah

Tidak sesuai untuk wanita yg mengandung
Kain itu ditenun. Mengukuhkan kaki sehingga 6 fabrik tambahan. Ini adalah benar-benar stoking unik.

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Total Pillow

Harga Pasaran :- RM 70/pcs

Harga Lynn :-1 (one) for RM30
2 (two) for RM55

Total Pillow (available in blue, pink & red) 
FREE pos semenanjung & RM10 pos sabah n sarawak

The Amazing Versatile Pillow that cradles you in comfort

Materials include polyester, nylon and spandex

  • Size: 28cm x 28cm 
  • Measurement: 66cm x 46cm x 38cm 
  • Colour: blue, pink, red 


A pillow with a flexible and versatile design that lets you twist it into multiple shapes so you can use it as a neck rest, seat cushion, floor support and so much more! 
Ergonomic design 

Twist to customize shape 
Locks into various positions to solve multiple support problems 
Filled with tension-easing microbeads that maintains its shape under pressure while providing comfort and support 
Soft material will cradle you in comfort 
Light and easy to carry around 
A remarkable contortionist, the uniquely shaped pillow allows sleepy heads the freedom of twisting, transforming the Total Pillow into a neck rest or even a seat cushion - pleasure and comfort can be achieved in many forms. 

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Rabu, 28 Ogos 2013

Cellulite Pants

Harga :-
RM 35.00 - Semenanjung
RM 40.00 - Sabah /Sarawak

**termasuk pos**

~membantu menghilangkan selulit di peha dan punggung
~membantu memelihara kulit dan menegangkan kulit

Colour :-
~ Hitam
~ Brown

~ S-M
~ L-XL

Seluar selulit membantu membentuk pinggul, perut & peha! Tiga kesan dalam satu seluar! Reka bentuk dalaman seluar ini direka khas untuk membantu dalam peredaran darah dan mengangkat kulit.Sentuhan yang sangat baik, anda boleh terus memakai seluar dalam, ia adalah sangat sejuk, menyenangkan dan selesa untuk dipakai!

Tips :-
~ Pakailah masa tidur di malam hari, sehingga akan melangsingkan dan
memerangi selulit sepanjang malam.
~ Gunakan minima 3jam / hari dan rasakan hasilnya dalam 1-2 bulan

Note :-
* Berhati-hatilah agar tidak tersangkut untuk menghindari kerosakan
* Cucilah dengan tangan, bila menggunakan mesin basuh, gunakan jaring untuk mesin basuh.
* Jangan menggunakan sabun pencuci / detergent yang keras, cukup dengan sabun mandi sahaja.

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Taping Beauty Pants

Ingin kelihatan ramping dan badan yang menawan?????

Ini jawapannye Taping Beauty Pants!!!!!
~ Ia dapat membantuk tubuh anda supaya lemak berlebihan tidak kelihatan...
Fungsinye :-
  1. Mengecilkan peha
  2. Membentuk bahagian pinggang menjadi ramping
  3. Mengecilkan perut yang mempunyai lemak berlebihan
Kelebihan Taping Beauty Pants:-
  • Dapat menutup seluruh bahagain peha
  • High Waist kerana ia menutup seluruh bahagian perut dan menlindungi lemak dari kelihatan.
  • Kain selesa dan tak panas
  • Body terasa Fit, kemas dan selesa
Saiz :-
 # M - L (Waist: 64 - 77cm) , (Hip: 87 - 10Ocm)
 # L - LL (Waist: 69 - 85 cm), (Hip: 92 - 105cm)

Cara penjagaan :-
  • Basuh tangan
  • Jangan guna pelembut pakaian
  • Jangan jemur dibawah cahaya matahari
Harga Lynn :- RM40/sehelai
                  RM 70/2helai 
** Free pos semenanjung dan tambah RM 7 pos sabah dan sarawak**

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Tony Moly Fruits Princess Lip Gloss

Harga Lynn :- RM 16/pcs
** RM6 pos semenanjung dan RM9 pos sabah n sarawak**

~ saiz lebih krg 2 ibu jari
~ 8mL.. tahan 2-3bln

1)long lasting! (tahan lama!)
2)super natural and beautiful colour tone (warna cantik menawan!)
3)smell fruity and fresh (harum & segar)
5)collagen effect (mempunyai kesan kolagen)
6)lips moisturise and repair (melembab dan membaiki bibir)
7)easy to carry and very2 cute (mudah dibawa n kiut!)
8)selesa, ringan & tak rasa melekit!!

#1 - strawberry
#2 - plum (shimmery-berkilat)
#3 - mangosteen
#4 - apricot
#5 - pomegranate
#6 - cherry
#7 - apple (shimmery-berkilat)

These cute little lip glosses from Tonymoly will give you a sparkling luster on your lips while providing you with ultimate moisture. Put it in your purse and take with you a little bit of cuteness everywhere you go! Each gloss has a specialized scent with a coordinated applicator tip.

Directions: Apply lip gloss directly onto lips.

yeaay!! look fresh young and trendy
comfortable to use .

all the way from korea
various of colour
size 8ml (tahan 3 bln)

Tony Moly Fruits Princess Lip Gloss!!

#1 - strawberry
#2 - plum (shimmery-berkilat)
#3 - mangosteen
#4 - apricot
#5 - pomegranate
#6 - cherry
#7 - apple (shimmery-berkilat)

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Pedi Spin (Pedi Spin) Callus Instant Remover Set

Harga Pasaran :- RM60++

Harga Lynn :-  RM 40 (sm) & RM 45 (ss)
( Harga dah termasuk pos)

* Memperkenalkan Pedi Well (Pedi Spin)! Produk ini selamat dan menghapuskan dan menaggalkan tumit kaki kasar dgn lembut dan selamat
kulit kaki tebal dan pecah??
* produk ini juga selamat serta menghaluskan kulit
* Dual speeds yg dimiliki sgt perfect utk menghilangkan kekasaran dgn berkesan dan pantas
* digunakan pd tumit tapak kaki dan juga jari kaki.
* saiz dan bentuk yg selesa utk digunakan dan ringan utk mudah dibawa ke mana2
* Used 4 AA batteries (not included)
* Low-speed utk kulit tebal dan kawasan jari kaki * high-speed utk ketuat dan kaki yg merekah
Dimensions: 10cm x 5cm
Weight: 258g

Before the advent of the foot spa, prehistoric feet obtain suppleness from sea salt,volcanix pumice and running from dinasaurs. Today we embraces easy indugence with a lightweight automated callus remover, inclusive of free peninsular delivery

* Introducing Pedi Spin! This item safely and gently removes dry
skin & calluses on your feet?
* It's also safe for delicate skin and will smooth your feet anytime, anywhere you need it!
* Dual speeds are perfect for rough dry areas and tough calluses.
* For use on your heels, soles, and toes.
* Ergonomic design fits in the palm of your handy as it convenient for travel
as it can be packed away with ease!

# Straight from the Source
# Smoothens feet easily
# Dual speed - perfect for rough, dry areas and tough calluses
# For use on heels, soles and toes
# Rotating buffing head removes dry rough patches, ugly calluses and dead ski
# Ergonomic design
# Operates on 2 speeds
# Used 4 AA batteries (not included)
myiMart’s Take 
Safe and gentle on skin, even sensitive skin
Motorised callus remover, fast and effective
What’s in it for you?
A motorized callus remover that is fast, effective and gentle on skin.

Lightweight and automated feet callus remover from home spa treatment.
Buffing and finishing pads removes rough skin patches,calluses,and dead skin-build up.
Low-speed option for sole and toes exfoliation and high-speed option for callus removal.
Small and compact build allows for convenient foot spa treatment.

Dimensions: 10cm x 5cm
Weight: 258g

Rotating stainless steel micro-blades sloughs away dead skin without causing irritation.
Buffing pad removes rough skin patches, calluses and dead skin-build up on heels while finishing pad softens.
soles and toes for supple and healthier skin.
Two multi-functional speeds:
Low rotation for scrubbing and exfoliation on soles and toes
High rotation for removing callus on heels

Power:4x AA-sized batteries (not included)

Color: white

Package includes:
~ 1x automated callus remover
~ 1x buffing pad
~ 2x finishing pads

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♥ Japan DOYEN Sleeping Beauty Hip Pants ♥

Harga Pasaran :- RM75++

Harga Lynn :- RM45
**Free pos semenanjung & RM5 pos sabah n sarawak**

Punggung jatuh atau punggung kecil? 

Ingin menaikkan punggung disamping menganjalkan dan mencantikkan bentuk punggung? Dapatkan Sleeping Beauty Night Pants. 
Best seller! 
Must grab!
Available in sweet pink color ;)

Naikkan punggung kembali tegang dan tinggi.. Terbaik bg mngatasi masalah punggung leper dan jatuh Terutama utk wanita lepas bersalin ;)

Note that hip is one of the most critical area for women due to pregnancy etc

Benefits of Japan Doyen Night Pants
-Corrects & shapes hip
-Forms curvy backline
-Slims up the covered area
-Good for usage after delivery
-Superb comfort & used during sleep time

Saiz:Hip Measurement
M = (87~95cm)
L = (92~100cm)

Colour: Sweet Pink

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